Wednesday 11 February 2015

Our condolences to the family of Professor Robert Shell

Professor Robert Shell
(31 January 1949 – 3 February 2015)

Professor Robert Shell will be remembered for his kindness, dedication and contribution to humanity.

He leaves us with a legacy, (a yearning for) striving for the truth, knowledge and empowerment in all spheres of our academic and spiritual lives.

May God grant that those who experience feelings of loss and sadness now, feel contentment in their hearts.

An-nisa thanks the family of Professor Shell for their continuous support in our aim to empower women through knowledge and spirituality.

From: An-nisa
(Amina Adjiet, Suraya Adams, Nazneen Dawood, Lameez Lalkhen, Fatima Toefy and Tauhirah Adams)

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