Tuesday 16 June 2015

Fwd: An-nisa ladies dhikr on Saturday, 20 June 2015

> 🌺 AN-NISA (Women's Forum of Naqshbandi Muhammadi South Africa)
> Empowering Women through knowledge and spirituality
> Khatamul Khawajagan Dhikr & Talk
> DATE: 20 June 2015 (Saturday)
> TIME: 1:30pm for 1:45pm
> VENUE: Heideveld Masjid
> Guest Speaker: To be confirmed
> All ladies welcome
> Please contact Suraya Adams obo An-Nisa
> Cell 0844405866/07951100222

Thursday 4 June 2015

Visit to Beitul Amaan and Beitun Nur: 20 December 2014

On the 20th December 2014, the committee members of the An-Nisa Women’s forum along with some of their family members and 3 senior ladies from Manenberg (who attend a weekly Dhikr with Aunty Suraya Adams) visited the Beitul Amaan Old Age Home in Wynberg and the Beitun Nur Children’s Home in Schaapkraal.
Aunty Suraya liaised with the matron-in-charge, Aunty Marel who gave us permission to conduct a Dhikr amongst the elderly at the Beitul Amaan Old Age Home. It currently has 75 residents and 10 staff members. We commenced the Dhikr at 2:30pm and thereafter the staff made plates for all the residents from the refreshments that were brought along. They also served tea to the ladies from An-Nisa. The feedback was extremely positive. Aunty Marel said “the Dhikr was beautiful and we are most welcome to return”. Just before leaving, the Manageress of the Beitul Amaan home, walked in and was also very happy to have us there.
After Asr, we then went to visit the Beitun Nur Children’s Home in Schaapkraal, Ottery. Currently there are about 15 children ranging in ages 1 to 17 years old and 4 mothers that are being looked after. When we arrived there were 4 children and 1 mother present. The rest were taken out by foster parents for the day. We were happily greeted by the manageress who was more than happy to accommodate us as well as in the future. Fatima Toefy brought along toys and party packs which were handed out to the children present and the rest was left there for the other children.
Both these outreach programs were well received, Alhumdulillah and established a good platform for future programs, Insha-Allah.