Thursday 26 September 2013


 Message for Amina and Suraya and all at AN-NISA

I know Robert has written or will be writing but I am writing as well to try to express my (our) gratitude for your warm and generous welcome and hospitality at the Community Centre. We were astonished at the excellent turnout and at the warmth of our reception by all.

We were grateful for the kind help given by the gentleman who assisted with the digital projector and hung black cloth to try to block out some of the light to help the audience see the projection of Robert's work on the screen.

Thank you, too, for the totally unexpected, generous gifts showered upon us, especially for the beautifully framed and wrapped tribute to Robert regarding his existing work and the wish that he will continue to inspire as he has done for so many over the years.

Thank you, also, to the gentleman who prepared the delicious food with such care.

We enjoyed meeting the Imam - he and I were both born in Harare. I also know Malawi quite well and was fascinated by the mosque I discovered by chance on a visit to Nkhotakhota way back in 1976 (before the Imam was even born)! He remembers the mosque well. What a wonderful man.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of sharing the time with the community of Driftsands and were particularly impressed with the children, especially that remarkable little boy who produced such beautiful sung recitations. He has an incredible voice and memory for one so young.

Finally (and I am sure there are many other reasons I will think of as soon as I click the Send button) we enjoyed the delicious samoosas we bought at one of the stalls. I have eaten many samoosas over the years but never tasted any to touch these. Please thank and congratulate whoever made them.

Thank you again for your warmth and inclusive love. Yesterday was a very special day for us. We will never forget the Driftsands community.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

with warmest wishes


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