Monday 17 November 2014


If only we could see life through the eyes of each other, so many problems could be avoided. Difference of opinions would be respected. Perspective and understanding would replace so many negative reactions and emotions we so easily jump to when only looking through our own eyes.

As in human nature – and all of which after all makes us "human", we tend to sometimes be biased, prejudice, stubborn or self-centred.  We so easily stand in judgement of another, when only Allah is the ultimate Judge. We tend to act on emotion and hold grudges when Allah Whom is in no need of us whatsoever is All Merciful, All Compassionate and so Forgiving.

Life today is a one hectic, busy rollercoaster.  Stressing, rushing, over tiredness, family problems, marital problems, financial problems, work challenges and the list is endless.  People's minds tend to be overburdened, juggling …… L  I F E.  Sometimes we run into a family member or neighbour or acquaintance that you look to greet or smile and that person just walks right pass you or even looks in your face and ignores you (or so you assume and jump to the worst conclusions). Or you stop to speak and that person is very short with you.  Have you ever truthfully thought about how perhaps on one occasion you interacted with someone on a day when you were not feeling well or were overtired, super – stressed or came from an upsetting situation or argument or were simply multitasking and wrecking your brain trying to keep your head above water? Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps that person was just that………. preoccupied.  Perhaps s/he was not looking at you but through you, totally absent minded. Perhaps the frown you thought was directed at you was an upsetting situation or argument replaying itself in his/her head.

Growing up I always heard my mother saying:" Dit kos mens om mens te verstaan." I could never figure out what she meant until I got married, had children and truly started experiencing life and people.  In essence I think all of the above is what I came to understand of what she was trying to say.

 If man was created in the image of the Almighty should we not look at  each other with respect, love and compassion instead of those negative or bad thoughts we allow to creep into our minds. If we were honoured as the Ummah of Rasululah (SWS), left with such an exceptional example and role model, should we not strive to be worthy of that title "Ummati". Oh nation of peace and love let us strive to see each situation through the eyes of another.

Much love and peace to you all ……………. Fee Amaanilah J

Faheemah Gasant

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